Concierge di Custom

Custom Concierge Process

First Step: Send us an Inquiry using the form below. 

Second Step: A member from our concierge team will contact you via email or phone (depending on how you fill out your form). That member will ensure you are informed of our custom concierge process and will work one on one with you to get your project in production.

Third Step: We will solicit from you a short description of what kind of furniture you are looking to have made. You may also send images and comments regarding pieces you like (for inspirational purposes only), send us an existing Dom Lo piece you like and we can use that as a jumping off point, or even a Pinterest board. 

Fourth Step: Our team will produce shop drawings of your piece (with its appropriate size for your space) for your approval. Where appropriate we may also send sample packages with fabric choices and materials to choose from. 

Fifth Step: Once all selections and drawings have been approved, we will send a Final Package for your review. This will be your last opportunity to make any final changes, or adjustments before production begins.

Sixth Step: Production Time! Your piece will then go into production and you will receive your lead-time. You will also receive a shipping quote for approval.


Seventh & Final Step: Post-Production! Once you've approved your shipping quote, and your piece is nearing completion--we will take our post-production photos, and schedule your delivery with you or your designer.

What You Will Approve

- Fabric Samples

- Materials (that may contain): 

   - Wood Stains & Samples

   - Metal Finishes & Samples

   - Textile Textures

   - COM, 'Customers Own Fabric'

   - DCM, 'Designer's Choice Material'

     (additional fees may apply for this option)

    - Cushion firmness & softness

- Shop Drawings (multiple versions if needed)

Our Promise

By using Dom Lo Studios' Custom Concierge Service, you will not only obtain a custom bespoke piece you've been wanting but you also get our promise to not remake and or sell your collaborative design as part of our collection. This will increase your piece's conversational and sentimental value. No one else will have your custom piece of furniture in their home!

Please note that your custom design will still resemble aspects of Dom Lo Studios Brand, and it may have 1 if not all 3 of our core design values implemented (under your approval of course): Deconstruction, Exposed Luxury, and Sensuality.

Above all we aim to produce a luxe item that you and or your family will cherish for years. 

*All custom pieces are subject to post-production photography for marketing purposes. 

Looking to have a custom piece tailored to your personality & home?
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