D Lodato

The Studios

Dom Lo Studios is a multidisciplinary design studio producing sought after, high quality domestic goods-fully handcrafted by artisans in New York City. The studios consist of: a luxury interior design studio that transforms conceptual, surreal spaces into sophisticated tangible realities, a furniture design studio that breaks with convention and challenges the common notions of practicality, a jewelry studio specializing in minimalism, and an art studio that explores all impressions of tonality. 

Dom Lo Studios' ultimate goal is to achieve tonal, linear landscapes with sculptural, modernist, and brutalist nuances. With each piece acting as a case study; we allow three particular concepts to dictate our creative process: sensuality, deconstructed luxury, and exposed luxury. 

The Principal

As a native New Yorker, D Lodato has had a lifelong involvement in design. He started altering his surroundings from a very young age where he designed and built skateboard ramps and obstacles. His exploration of the built environment and objects continued as he crafted decks and benches for family homes. Naturally, after his BFA of Interior Architecture at Parsons School of Design he has refined his skills in creating spaces and furnishings.