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Photography by Tom DiLandro  /  Custom Couture by Asterisk Atelier

The Studios

The Principal

Dom Lo Studios is a multidisciplinary design studio inspired by the Principal’s Sicilian-Italian heritage and the Creative Partner’s Colombian culture.


[DOM]: Domestic Goods & [LO]: Lodato, which translates from Italian to English as lauded. Together, the duo produces highly admired or praised domestic goods that are fully handcrafted. Each piece is a case study through historical research that dictates the entire design process. 


All of our furniture designs come from some era in our History, whether inspired by antiques, ancient furnishings, or simply by the country itself. Each piece is versatile in any design genre. We aim for our products to be used in every traditional to transitional space, or any modern to contemporary space. We are able to achieve this level of versatility by using a minimalist approach. We found that when you design with history in mind, you must be less literal and significantly more conceptual. 


The studios consist of a Furniture Design Studio that breaks with convention and challenges the common notions of practicality, an Interior Design Studio specializing in minimalism, and an Art and Collaboration Studio that explores working together with other creatives and artists to bring one-of-a-kind products.

As a native New Yorker, our principal has had a lifelong involvement in design, from altering their surroundings from a young age to designing and building skateboard ramps and obstacles. This exploration of the built environment and objects continued into crafting decks and benches for family homes and eventually into creating high-end spaces and furnishings that transcend the norm and transport us through history.

The Creative Partner

Our Creative Partner has a long history of product and graphic design. Starting with creating objects and products that weren't common in their hometown, this love for product design was the jumping-off point that ultimately led in the direction of designing and hand-crafting quality, tangible products for Dom Lo Studios.

"Design is the preservation of beauty through history"

 - D Lodato



We are grateful to our friends and artists that we have continuous relationships with. We want to always support each other and in an effort to do that we have provided their information below where you can view their other works, aside from their collaborations with us. 

*Asterisk Atelier | | @asterisk.atelier

  • Custom Couture

Andreas Anastasis | | @andreasanstasis

  • Sculpture Artist

Kneil Melicano | | @kneilmelicano

  • Design Art Director

Lissie's Collective Portfolio | | @collectiveportfolio

  • Textiles & Wallcovering

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